Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Malaysia to Tanzania

My brother Colin has signed on to do this hike with me. I'm incredibly pumped. Colin is a tremendous role model in my life, seasoned, hair a little grayer yet he still maintains his cool. (ive been told the kids these days they call it swagger) Colin always knows the trends before their big. (facebook, google etc) He spends his time going to surf camps in costa rica with his kids who are also wicked lacrosse and volleyball players and traveling the world. I admire him and to go to africa and climb this mountain together is a dream cone true. Here we are in 1992 on the top if mt Kinabalu on Borneo, Malaysia. I'm upper left with the hood all of 13 years old. Colin is in the yellow . Here we are now below. Welcome aboard.

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  1. I'm so excited for you two as you take on this next challenge and adventure together!! Wish I could go with you , but since I can't, I'll be living vicariously through your blog and pictures! Good luck with the training Cam! So proud of you , as we all are! And I know how proud dad would be too...I'm sure he would be climbing the mountain with you two, without a doubt!!