Friday, September 7, 2012

Should I have a cane.....

So am I definitely mother whose generosity knows no limits, purchased me my ticket today. That wasn't the plan, she had tons of miles, and she tried to use them 140,000 of them. But guess what....not offered. Or wait maybe one way and pay 1900 dollars for the way back. She said isn't it only 1400 from here to Kilimanjaro. She eventually just bought the ticket. She is wonderful and I am very grateful to my family.

So I took the money for the ticket and hired a trainer who has me doing strength training with weights and abs. Course I go to the gym in Chester and run into customers. (I always wish I had more weights when people see me, I always have an empty bar learning technique). Yes I am the guy who has to be first at all times. You hop on the treadmill at 7.5 guess what Im running at 7.6. Anyway Ashley, my trainer, has made it nearly impossible to walk. I've got muscles sore I never knew before existed.

I'll never forget what I guy said to me while I was limping around last week. One half of his teeth missing, he gave me a smile and asked "pimp or limp?"
Cause I can't resist I said "both" smirking. I bet be didnt know shortly i will be jamming out to the soulful ballads of the Shushybyes. ( know this!!)

My life is hectic but still I am driven for success in this endeavor for sophie, for the cause and yes me too. Onward and upward. I think as I hobble around tripping on coloring books and multicolored elmos Ill be humming....

"I don't care whatcha think about me, cause you can't get a dollar out of me. ....Cause I'm a p I m p". 50 cent

Smooth it out now.......Campbell

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