Friday, August 31, 2012

My Intro

Hi everyone,

I'm Nicole, Campbell's wife, and mommy to our darling Sophia and equally adorable Emerson Grace. Just wanted to introduce myself since I will be helping Campbell with his entries while he is up on the mountain. And for the record, yes, I am insanely jealous that my husband is going to climb Kilimanjaro.

We're doing this not only to raise money for Autism Speaks, but we also want to bring attention to what autism actually is and what it's like to raise a child that is on the spectrum. It's a tremendous emotional roller coaster ride, and some days are much easier than others. Whether you're reading this out of curiousity, out of a need to network with other special needs parents, or you just want to live vicariously through Campbell's writings and photos, we hope we can offer you some insight into our lives and what should be considered an epidemic.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions- I'll be frank and honest in my replies.

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